Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 spoiled furry babies

Tammy and Marlo takin' it cool

Carpenter's Mrs. B and B

Just a teaser to the homepage for Mom's new website and location of her B&B

Our last Saturday - lobster, scallops, haddock and halibut

This is our last weekend here in NS before heading back to Ottawa.  We decided to go out in style by having a seafood and fish feast!

Pre-cooking the lobster and then cooling it off in ocean water - yummy!  There's nothing like freshly cooked lobster!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Transformers! A 5 year old's Birthday Dream!

Tristan turned 5 and he had an awesome Transformer birthday party - one that would be the envy of all children who attended!  Some mommy's will have some pretty tall orders to fill when it comes time for them to plan a party for their children!!

How many adults does it take to transform Optimus Prime into a Semi?  After about 2 hours Tristan decided he didn't wanted transformed any more (Mike and Lou never did get it finished!)

Sheer Heaven!

Just look at this dessert!  It was as delicious as it looks.  It was a Cappiccino Maple Crepe from the PEI Preserving Company where we ate our last dinner before heading back to reality in Nova Scotia!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PEI - Day 4 (Mackeral, Ganets, and Cod)

We got up this morning at 6:15am to get breakfast, get dressed and get to the boat for 7:45am.  It ended up that we were the only two passengers on the boat - lots of buffer for Lou and I!!

We headed out at 8am into the great big ocean of fun!
We caught lots of mackeral
I caught a ganet!!!!  They fly above the boats and when they gatch a glimmer of the silver skin of mackeral they come flying down like kamikaze pilots and grab your fish!  Mine got my fish as well as my 2nd hook caught in his wing.  The skipper and his son had to get it out before it could be let go again!
And Lou caught a cod!!!  They are very few and far between now compared to 8-9 years ago.
Tonight we are going to give St. Ann's Lobster suppers a try.  Tomorrow we head back to Nova Scotia!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

PEI - Day 3 (Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie & the ocean)

Today we were going to do lots of stuff, but you know what the intentions did (got up and left)!!!
We headed out at 3pm today - slept the morning away......guess that's what vacations are for!!
A few pics of what we managed to get in.....

The view from our cottage

Edward the fisherman
A free Million dollar view
Mile High Lemon Pie
Yummy seafood chowder all courtesy of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

Kids cooling off by jumping off the wharf

Coming in from deep sea fishing  (apparently there is a Humpback playing in the deeper parts - hope we can see him when we go out on our venture tomorrow morning)!!

The Sandspit

The Cavendish Boardwalk

Cliff erosion (be careful looking over the cliffs)

Lou playing Skee Ball

Cow's Ice Cream Cow

Sunday, July 18, 2010

PEI - Day 2 (PEI Poutine!)

Today was a hot one, 27 and 38 with the humidex!!  Just like Ottawa only there is was breeze if you turned around the right corner!!
Took a drive to Summerside, which only happens to be a half hour from Cavendish - yes, I was going the speed limit!! 
I found a reprint of the old Purity cookbook my mom has which is now in bits and pieces probably held together with an elastic!!  It brought back lots of memories of when I was younger (~10 or 11) and learning to bake!

The Confederation Bridge (only $42.50 to get off the Island!) - the Ferry???  $69 bucks!  but that's what makes going to PEI so much fun, you need that ferry experience.
Lou and I ate here a few years ago and I remember eating PEI Poutine here!
PEI Poutine!  Fries, hamburger, onion, peas and gravy! Yummy!!
Lou's lunch - A cold Keiths and a lobster sandwich platter.
Spinnakers Landing on the Summerside Water front
It's so hot!  So sad.......
Let's go for ice cream! Yay! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PEI - Day 1

Very hot but nice and I just love coming here!  The ocean, the music, the seafood, everything!
Kids cooling off by jumping into the sea water off a bridge
A wharf seen from Carr's Oyster Bar - a delicious place to get fresh oysters and seafood chowder
Where Raspberry Point oysters are grown