Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Green Papaya Salad

Made this Saturday evening for supper. I was expecting a different taste, more Asian I guess, rather than a vinegary (citrusy from the limes) taste. I was expecting more of a slow heat, coriander, peanuty taste - guess I'll have to experiment!!

Look at these yummy fabrics from the Fat Quarter Shop.
I love these ones:

Off work again today to make it a 'super-long' weekend!
Made 12 mini carrot cake loaves and a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the men!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Start Date - August 6th

What starts on Wednesday, August 6th you ask?
Come back on that date and check it out. Let's just say, I received a 'huge' box yesterday! Hint: Donna Downey did it, thus my inspiration! Do I have your curiosity peaked? GOOD!!

Living in the burbs can be quite challenging at times when you are trying to attract hummingbirds with all of the competition around (i.e. flower gardens) But if you are persistent enough they will come! We started off last year with a male coming to the feeder, his name is Vincent!! This year out of the blue, a female visited the feeder and she has been coming back! We call her Sarah! One of these years they will bring their babies around! Patience, all I need is patience!! And as I write this, Vincent just shooed Sarah away from the feeder! The nerve! Those males are quite territorial and very possessive!! And.....I think we may have two males! One comes and takes a drink and goes back to the tree to guard the feeder and then out of the blue comes another hummer and chases him away! Only another male would do something like that!!!

This is the start of the long weekend, back home (NS) they call it Natal Day. Too bad the weather is going to be crappy. Oh well, a few days off is a good thing!

Did you know that both Ina (Barefoot Contessa) and Giada are coming out with new cookbooks? How exciting!! They'll be out in the Fall. I can't wait!!

Look at this. How sad and horrible looking. The before and after of the maple tree. It provided alot of shade and was beautiful. Now it looks like a big bare hole. It developed a split down the centre of its trunk and carpenter ants had started to take over.

Have a great Friday! Off to make blueberry crisp for the men!!