Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapbook Classes

At The Scrapbox (the only scrapbooking store in Ottawa) where the owner and employees are super friendly and greet you by name (how many other businesses do that these days?), there is one super inspiring person, Stephanie!  Everytime I take her classes, I want to rush home and continue creating.  She's very inspiring and super fun!

Last night we created this little mini album.  It was a lot of fun and super cute!

I have signed up for another class on Feb. 13th.  Lou will be working and..... to boot it's his birthday - poor guy but he loves his job which makes it all OK.  This class, oh I can't wait...look how beautiful this is.....

One of my dreams is to work/own my very own scrapbook store in Prince Edward Island.  That dream will have to wait a bit longer as I have a great job right now and would be very silly to give that up right now.  14 more years and we'll see where life is at then.  For now I believe it would be awesome just to work in one, who knows.......

Dominican here we come!!

So we booked our trip to Punta Cana and we can't wait!  The sun, the beach, the pools............

We have decided to return to where we had stayed before, Grand Paradise Bavaro, with an ocean view of course!!
Another month and a half to go and we're off!!!

Christmas was awesome!!

It was an awesome time back in Nova Scotia.  We had a green Christmas for the most part but for a moment in the morning of Xmas Day, huge snowflakes were coming down and it was beautiful!
Got to see our nieces and nephews, a brother and all my sisters.
Here are just a few highlights:

Tristan decorating a Rice Krispie house (this is appartently what he was thankful for at Thanksgiving!!! Decorating gingerbread houses with Aunt Linda!!)

Every child has this photo to use as "Look how cute he was as a baby!" when they get older and girls start coming around!!

Tristan dressed up as BumbleBee, Aiden as a Star War Trooper and Seth as an intellectual 8 month old baby!!