Monday, August 30, 2010

Look at these aprons!

All the artists teaching classes were given the same sparkly apron as a gift!  I purchased the fabric before knowing these existed and after seeing them, I definitely needed the pattern!!!

A Soul Sister?.....

Who knew that when I took the bus tour to Bazzill and Scrapbooks etc., that a complete stranger who came to sit beside me would end up being such a great person and has actually experienced the same life experiences as I?
I believe that meeting her has made this the best Creative Escape that I have ever attended - it was as if it were meant to be:

The Trunk Show!

The Trunk Show is when you get to meet the artist who will be teaching the classes for this year's projects:

Claudine Hellmuth

Margie Romney-Aslett
Tricia Ladoucer
Maggie Holmes
House of 3 - Janet Hopkins and Rhonna Farrer
Heidi Swapp
Teresa Collins

Jessica Sprague
Pam Black

Not Lamps....but Mirrors!!!

This years Silent Auction was in tune with the theme, 'Reflections', and several artists were asked to design a mirror.  Here are a few:

This one is designed by Heidi Swapp (went for $5000), yep that's three zeroes you see!!!

This one designed by Kelly Collins was my favourite one:

The Bazzill Boys

Thursday evening at the opening ceremonies the Bazzill Boys put on a synchronized swimming show!  It was hilarious!!

This was the best year yet (IMHO)

Here are some highlight from this year's CE:

These girls travelled all the way from Japan!!

Most of our table won a gift, I gave mine to Laurie so she came away a winner as well!!

A new found soul sister - Crystal
Linda (she has a horse shoe up her butt!!)
New found Canadian friends - Vanessa and Cathy
Sharon from BrockVegas

Our yummy 'Eat your Dessert first" dessert!

Live your life everyday with this in mind!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where to begin..........

Well, I caught this chest cold somewhere between my craft room and the bedroom.  I have this cough that is not only annoying but makes you very hot in this cool and breezy state with temperatures of 113!  That's right, 113!!

Caught up with the girls from Ottawa and am having a blast.

Went on the bus tour at the Bazzill warehouse:

Went to Mystic Paper (awesome, awesome, store)

Laurie caught a sighting of Heidi Swapp, her son Connor and best friend Emily Waters

Went to Melrose Vintage which was to die for

Here I look like I got caught with my hands in the cookie jar!!!

Four of the five Ottawa girls hangin' out!!

At Carrabba's, the most delicious Italian restaurant I have ever been to, for dinner